About us


KEDD Animation Studio, created in 2002 by Géza M. Tóth Oscar nominee director, is an independent production studio. KEDD is based in Budapest, Hungary and unique in the region, because it is developing and distributing exclusively its own brands.

KEDD’s films are participating at international festivals worldwide. Apart from Academy Award nominee Maestro, KEDD’s productions were recognized with more than 120 prizes. At our animation studio in Budapest, we produce such fan-favourite series as Berry and Dolly, KUFLIK, Mitch-Match, The Tales of Nasredin Hodja and more.


Our Berry and Dolly show is one of the most successful preschools series ever made in Hungary and is enjoyed worldwide in more than 120 countries on over 20 streaming platforms and telecasters. KEDD MCN, our AVOD network, has garnered over 177 Millions hours of watch time on YouTube, offering one of the largest selections of children’s content on that platform in Hungary.

We are having our own sales house, in connecton directly with TV channels and VOD platforms around the world. With more than 300 hours of animated children entertainment in our library – one of the Hungary’s most extensive – we are home to such children brands as Pocoyo, Bing, Molang, Louie, Zoo Lane 64, Hoppiland, Hungarian Folk Tales, The Tales of Lenge and more… Since 2013 our sales became content aggregator within Hungarian VOD service providers.


We strengthen and consolidate our brands through the commercialization of licenses for the production of merchandising and events, based on the characters of our series Kuflik, Nasreddin Hodja and Dúdoló.