Nursery Rhymes 1

Let's sing together!


Hungarian folk songs and nursery rhymes in a modern guise. The simple imagery and repetitive verses make it easy for children to memorize the songs. Nursery Rhymes expands children’s vocabulary and develops their musical senses. Singing the songs together creates an intimate atmosphere in families and communities of children.

Technical informations

Format: 2D HD – 50×1,5’
Genre: Edutainment
Target: Toddler
Status: Completed
Production : KEDD Animation Studio, 2017-2018
Directed by Tibor Nagy
Script, design and charachter design:  Tibor Nagy
Produced by Géza M. Tóth
Music by Dalinda Ensemble – Johanna Orbán, Julianna Paár, Sára Tímár
Language: Hungarian