Berry and Dolly 5. - Months of the Year

We all belong together


In the animated film “Tales of the Months”, we follow the changing seasons in twelve short stories as nature invites the characters to play together each month. And in the thirteenth story, they take part in a bake-off, which reveals that anyone, even the ever-conscientious Doctor Owl, can make a mistake.

Technikai információk

Format: 2D HD – 1×70’
Genre: Edutainment
Target: Toddler – Preschool
Status: Completed
Production: KEDD Animation Studio, 2023
Directed by Fazakas Kinga, Géza M. Tóth,
Script, design and character design:  Erika Bartos
Storyteller in Hungarian version: Judit Pogány
Produced by Géza M. Tóth
Music by Alma Ensemble, Kifli Ensemble
Languages: Hungarian