Crazy-lazy adventures




The series has seven quirky main characters and many even quirkier episodic characters. The protagonists, the Kuflis, are fairytale creatures with human characteristics. Because they have no legs, they hop around. Their home is a mound in which they have dug themselves comfortable living burrows. Each of the seven Kuflis is a richly individual character. Their main characteristics are: Hilda is motherly, Zoz is gluttonous, Titus is proactive, Jello is bumbler, Lilwed is curious, Bela is knowledgeable and Firdle is eccentric. Although they mostly like to laze around on top of their mound, a strange idea or an unexpected guest in every tale can lure them into absurd adventures. Anything can happen at any time in the stories, and any strange creature can turn up, but the flood of colorful ideas is not „l’art pour l’art”. The stories encourage creative insights in children, thinking free of stereotypes, and openness to innovative connections. The quirky stories and characters, as well as the many hilarious linguistic inventions and strange expressions in the text, give the series its own absurd humor. It is also thanks to this specificity that the Kuflis are not only popular with preschoolers and grade-schoolers, but also have a growing fan base among adolescents.