The Kuflis and the Whatever

Crazy-lazy adventures


The 11 new humorous stories are full of new surprises: Zoz searches for his lost patch, Jello tries to get lost, Hilda starts knitting an endless scarf, Firdle and Titus somehow get to a special exhibition, Bela tells about his trip around the world, and Lilwed almost gets lost in time. We also find out why we should be careful with the Hairberries, what to do if our shade goes a bit weirdo, what a brand new time of year looks like, and most importantly: what is Whatever!

Technikai információk

Format: 2D HD – 1×74’
Genre: Comedy, Family
Target: Gradeschoolers – Tweens
Status: Completed
Production: KEDD Animation Studio, 2021
Directed by Kristóf  Jurik
Script, design and character design:  András Dániel
Storyteller: Péter Scherer
Produced by Géza M. Tóth
Music by Balázs Alpár
Languages: Hungarian with English subtitles