In an intimate dressing room Maestro is preparing for his big performance with the help of a studious iron arm.  When everything is set, Maestro goes to the light to perform his scene.

Maestro is a short animated film directed by Géza M. Tóth. It was nominated for a 2007 Academy Award® for Best Animated Short Film and won more than 40 international festival prizes. 

Technical informations

Format: 3D, 35 mm – 1×4,5’
Genre: Comedy short
Target: Young Adults, Family
Status: Completed
Production : KEDD Animation Studio, 2005
Directed by Géza M. Tóth
Script, design and charachter design:  Géza M. Tóth
Produced by Géza M. Tóth
Music by Attila Pacsay
Language: Non-dialogue