Kuflis 1. – A mound in a meadow

Crazy-lazy adventures


The stories feature seven colorful, quirky fairy-tale characters who live their quiet, everyday lives in a mound in the middle of the deserted Meadow. Their favorite pastime is doing nothing but lying around, yet each episode takes them on unexpected and strange adventures. The characters in this series with absurd humor are most relatable to school children aged 6-12, but are guaranteed fun for the whole family.

Technical informations

Format: 2D HD – 13×7’
Genre: Comedy, Family
Target: Gradeschoolers – Tweens
Status: Completed
Production: KEDD Animation Studio, 2017
Directed by Kristóf  Jurik (Episodes 03-13.), Géza M. Tóth (Episodes 03-13.), Szabolcs Pálfi (Episodes 01-02.)
Script, design and character design:  András Dániel
Storyteller: Péter Scherer
Produced by Géza M. Tóth
Music by Balázs Alpár
Languages: Hungarian with English subtitles