Everyone has a best friend


The series features Boribon, the always curious teddy bear, and the kind-hearted, smart schoolgirl Annabelle, who takes care of him. In the everyday, yet always exciting stories, with the help of Annabelle, Boribon learns about the world around him and its connections, and meanwhile he also gets to know himself better. The relationship between the two best friends becomes richer and closer with every tale and every story.

Technical informations

Format: FULL HD – 16×5’
Genre: Edutainment
Target: Toddler
Status: 8 episodes completed, further episodes are in development to be delivered in December 2023
Production: KEDD Animation Studio, 2021-2023
Directed by Kristóf Jurik, Géza M. Tóth
Script, design and character design: Veronika Marék
Storyteller in Hungarian version: Péter Rudolf
Producer: Géza M. Tóth
Music by Bertalan Baglyas
Language: Hungarian
Subtitle: English